About "Taqiyyah"

5string7/19/2010 6:04:52 pm PDT

You say that only 3 situations permit a Muslim to lie. And then you point to 3 other situations covering Taquiah saying that those are not examples of lying. Yet in those three situations outright lying is described. In the second example of the three you even say that any lie is permissible. Even if Arabic has two different words for it both are cases of deception, telling untruths.

Regarding religion, those who attack and kill Westerners while shouting Alah hu Akbar are claiming their conviction that their religion is in mortal danger from Western values and the people (us) who hold them. Your carefully crafted apology for deception is hardly a serious discussion of the morality of the issue. All you are saying is that if the motive is compelling enough in the opinion of the liar, then lies are OK. I’d be the first to admit that the practice is not unique to Muslims - as most of mankind follows that dictum in practice.

But it’s similar to the Islamic moral codes of violence and war of aggression generally - and that’s where I draw the line. It basically says that if one is pissed off enough then it’s permitted to violently attack and kill your enemy, and their families, and their neighbors - or even your own children or wife - if necessary to redeem your honor. In the case of Jews, it’s not just permitted, it’s highly encouraged by imams every day.

Every suicide bomber that tries to use deception to hide explosives on their body is using deception - lying - to kill innocent people - and not in self defense. A religion that encourages and apologizes for that is an abomination - as is anyone who tries to justify it.