Some naked faces of hatred on the right

Mad Prophet Ludwig7/21/2010 7:47:10 pm PDT

re: #6 Gus 802

He’s clueless. He thinks because he has “olive skin” and can pass for being Italian, Greek, or whatever his little mind can dream of that it gives him carte blanche to spew his hatred. There is plenty of inter-racial racism that occurs within different cultures of a similar race. This form of racism is rather frequent in South America.

It is also highly noticeable in European-Spanish South Americas who will direct their racism towards those with “mixed blood” or in this case Aztec. It’s easy to detect as well since the people in South and Central America who are the most impoverished and oppressed are the Amerindians, Euro Amerindians, and mestizos .

And he is a giant fan of Pinochet.

Yes, it really does say it all.