On the Relative Contribution of Carbon Dioxide to the Earth’s Greenhouse Effect

studentpatriot9/11/2010 4:58:11 pm PDT

re: #6 freetoken

I’ll try to state my question another way - IF Spencer’s claim of CO2 doubling at the end of the century causes ONLY a 3% “enhancement of the Earth’s greenhouse effect” is correct (I don’t know that it is), THEN is that a small enough percentage to disappear into the noise of the climate system, OR be opposed by some sort of forcing mechanism he describes?

Also, per comment number 5:

So you can go ahead and search through Google Scholar and come up with all the published papers that have Spencer as an author or co-author, but that proves what I have written you before - that Spencer is a hypocrite when he claims he is being persecuted by scientists.

The reason I picked Spencer’s Nature article (which also got the cover, btw), was in refutation of Charles’ assertion (comment 1) that Spencer publishes “bullshit articles”. If you cured cancer tomorrow, it would be published in the journals Nature or Science, or both. And make the cover.

I don’t care if Spencer is being persecuted or not. It’s irrelevant.