Overnight Open Thread

elizajane2/25/2011 10:35:30 pm PST

Small rant of the day:

What is this middle class race to the bottom? Why, when confronted with the benefits enjoyed by at least some government workers, do private sector workers not say, “Hey! My employer, whose stock has doubled in value in the past 2 years, should be giving me those kind of benefits too!” Why do they say instead “Hey, my salary hasn’t gone up in five years and I have crappy health insurance and a minimal retirement plan. Everybody else should have it just as bad as I do!”
How exactly have the Republicans managed to convince the middle class that they should grab those just above them as they and their mortgages sink under water? That instead of trying to improve their own lot, they should fight to worsen the lots of others?

It really, really bothers me.