Matt Taibbi: My Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

lawhawk10/14/2011 11:10:20 am PDT

Some at the OWS protest have made similar calls, but get drowned out compared to those who manage to capture the attention of media types with outlandish claims, masks, or pick prime spots to stand on the periphery of the park.

One guy who I found to be quite articulate about what needs to be done had a list that mirrors some of Taibbi’s claims.

It’s the fourth photo from the bottom (can’t directly link courtesy of Google, even though it’s one of my own photos).

He’s got five general categories of demands including, an independent inquiry of what happened during the crisis; a roadmap for future reforms, including separating retail from investment banking, campaign finance reform and transparency to eliminate Wall Street money from overrunning Congress, demands for better banking, etc.

Others in the crowd have made calls for taxes on transactions to fund a bailout fund and/or debt relief.