Rachel Corrie and her Dedication to Peace

SanFranciscoZionist9/01/2012 11:17:22 am PDT

re: #6 Aye Pod

Rachel Corrie appears to have been another idealistic youngster motivated by empathy for those she perceived to be the underdog. Wingnuts have been taking overt pleasure in her death ever since; they’re not going to tolerate any view of her that doesn’t make her out to be a hateful ‘nazi’, all about the terrorism and killing etc.

It’s just another example of how dehumanising one’s enemy is a vital step towards killing them (or celebrating their death). It’s hard to see how there can be peace in this situation unless both sides turn away from the extremists who encourage those sort of views.

Following Corrie’s accidental death she was deliberately and and aggressively marketed as a martyr, murdered by the evil IDF. This marketing included books, plays, ships named for her…her name became a rallying cry for the same people who taught her their warped version of history and their twisted version of ‘peace activism’, and encouraged her to play chicken with bulldozers in the brush.

She was undoubtedly an idealist, but if she wanted to help the Palestinian people, she chose a (fatally) bad group to pin her hopes on. That’s about as kind as I can be. Dreadful judgment and the arrogance of youth should not be a death sentence, but they sometimes are.

About the ISM, I won’t be kind. They are horrible people.