Celebrity Castles In The Sand-Involuntary Lessons In Climate Change

Tsuga3/31/2013 2:02:38 pm PDT

The biggest factor fre: #1 SidewaysQuark

Climate change is very real, but linking it to particular incidents on the ever-shifting landscape of beaches is bad science at its worst.

Excellent point. Southern California beaches have been greatly depleted by dams on local rivers holding back sand and keeping it from getting to the coast. This problem has been going on for decades and continues to get worse over time.

Adding in sea level rise will make it even worse yet, but we have not yet seen major sea level rise yet. Keep in mind that local problems with relative sea level rise, like on some low-lying islands, can be due to land sinking locally. When global sea level rise really gets going, then we’ll see these problems in most locations (except where land is rising for tectonic reasons) and people will really be screaming.