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lawhawk11/18/2019 6:22:59 am PST

Greets and saluts from the NYC metro area. Trump’s health has always been in doubt and his mental health even moreso. That he went on an unannounced trip to Walter Reed for medical evaluation, reeks of a more serious problem than anyone in Trumpworld is willing to admit.

You have docs at the WH to attend to most basic kinds of ailments. Going unannounced means avoiding the typical protocols set up for handling the president there. That’s not normal, and there’s no way this was “getting the jump” on an annual physical that is typically done in February.

It reeks. The coverage of this reeks too, since we know how the media covered health issues for Hillary, Bernie, and now Trump. One of these isn’t like the other.

If everyone treated Trump’s health emergency like we did Hillary’s, we’d have wall to wall Trump death watch on TV. If everyone treated Bernie’s heart attack like we did Hillary’s pneunomia, we’d be getting nonstop calls for Bernie to quit the race and that he’s too fragile for the rigorous demands of running for the WH, let alone being POTUS.

So impeachment grinds on, and the Democrats continue to pile on witnesses this week, including Sondland.

That’ll be must-see TV, and you know damned well Trump will be hanging on every last word (but not tweeting threats, since he only does that with strong women). Trump continues to claim this is a witch hunt and no one has direct evidence. Okay. Put up those who have direct evidence. Allow Pence, Pompeo, Rudy, Perry, and Bolton to testify. Come and testify yourself you tangerine toddler, because you could clear this up right quick.

But we know the reality here. You don’t want anyone testifying because they’d reveal crimes we know about and many more we don’t. They’d implicate you and everyone else in your admin. Your lawyers know not to let you testify, because you’re incapable of giving a straight answer to anything and you’d probably implicate yourself in still other crimes, while admitting to the crimes.

It’s crimes all the way down in Trumpworld, and nothing here exonerates Trump or his cronies. Everyone knows it - even the GOP. But the GOP continues to back Trump because the base is Trump’s know nothing extremist core.