Acoustic Excellence: Daniel Padim, "Milongerstyle"

CleverToad2/08/2020 7:12:16 am PST

re: #13 uriel

And of course, per standard operating proceedure, CL’d:

You want real lunacy? Read the comments.

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Not as evident in the black & white version, but what struck me in the color original is the resemblance to some of the pictures of Mary Trump. Something about the hair swept back, the narrowed eyes, the set of the mouth. Maybe it’s just me, I haven’t seen anyone else mentioning it.

Minus the clown mask, minus the knowledge of what lurks beneath it, it would just be a fairly generic, not unbecoming picture of an elderly person. As it is, a stark exposure of addled vanity.

How are the sycophants portraying it, as the rest of us snicker?