Robert Spencer and the Extremists

SanFranciscoZionist9/09/2009 4:03:07 pm PDT

re: #414 Alouette

Have to leave for my son’s Sheva Brachos party.

Sheva brachos reminds me of Blue Fringe and their ‘Shidduch Song’:

On my way downtown I ran into a friend of mine.
She asked, “Are you dating anyone now?”
And I replied with much dismay, “I think that I can safely say
I’m the only one in the whole entire orthodox community my age
not engaged or dating now.”

She said, “How come? Do you wanna get set up?
Do you have someone in mind?”
I shrugged my shoulders, said, “I really don’t got one.”
She said, “Don’t worry cause I will be your shadchan.”

So she called up her friend and she told her all about me.
(Did she decline?) No.
(Didn’t she mind?) I don’t think so.
(Does she wear pants?) I’m not sure.
(Does she shake men’s hands?) Well, let me update…


I got set up on Monday.
We went on the shidduch on Tuesday.
We had the l’chayim by Wednesday.
OnlySimchas Thursday and Friday, and Shabbos.
The wedding’s on Sunday.

Sheva brachos Monday.
More sheva brachos on Tuesday.
We got sheva brachos on Wednesday,
sheva brachos Thursday and Friday and Shabbos,
move to Teaneck on Sunday.

(Did you book a hall?) Not yet.
(Shaytel or fall?) Don’t know what she’ll get.
(How long did it take?) 3 dates.
(Why the delay?) Well, let me update…