George W. Bush: No Longer the Decider

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I was looking at top 10/bottom 10, and came across this of yours in the top:

I come to it from a somewhat different perspective. I found the Lizards, even as early as 2007 or so, very interesting, and liked Charles’ articles and links, but found the commentariat as a whole horrifyingly smug, intolerant, and obsessed with the evil and stupidity of liberals. (This is not to say that anyone here now was ever like that folks, please remain calm.)

I joined because it was a safe place on the Internet for a battered Israel supporter.

Watching the election was like watching people go insane. I had first thought it would be very interesting to observe an election from a mostly Republican viewpoint, not something I get in my daily life, but people were, as far as I could tell, losing their ever-loving minds.

And then things started to shift, rather quickly.

Yes, this was a very safe place on the internet for an Israel supporter (battered or not). And you are absolutely correct, many here did lose their ever-loving minds.

It was weird to watch. It got worse and worse, and stranger and stranger, and then of course, the flouncing began.

It was absolute, sheer, raw fear. What amazed me (seeing as how I thought those folks were conservative in the way I am), what surprised me was that I could see absolutely no trust in our way of life and our form of government, at all, a very surprising thing for me to see from people I honestly expected to have more sense.

Anhooo - I just came across your comment and wanted to comment, so … there ya go.