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jamesfirecat8/10/2010 9:56:38 pm PDT

re: #716 daddylawbucks

1. In the grand scheme of things… lets assume a fetus has the same rights as any living human being. It doesn’t. That’s why abortion is not murder, a fetus is not a person, at least not during the period when it may be aborted.

2. I think the better argument is that every woman should be able to make her own choice, as opposed to some bureaucrat in DC making it for her.

3. This is at the essence a question of religious belief, and keeping the Guvmt out of religion means each woman must be allowed to make her own choice.

Maybe so, but I choose to argue this way because I think its more convincing on the whole, because it gives most of the people with a moral objection to Abortion what they “want” recognition of the Fetus as a human being, and then goes onto prove why they’re still “wrong” for wanting to outlaw abortion.

It makes it purely a matter of logic and reason rather than one with some nebulous grey area of “at what point do we give the Fetus some human rights’ and so and so forth…