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Gus11/01/2009 3:10:11 pm PST

re: #50 jaunte


Found this from the Daily Herald and it’s specific to the $1 houses:

If the homes at 132 and 138 West Station Street were kept in the village, officials estimate moving could cost $50,000, Jones said. Relocating the 117 W. Main Street home within the village would cost $100,000.

And that’s within the village. So it would be well over 100 grand and closer to 150 for the last house the mentioned. Then you you have to have a) a lot; b) a new foundation designed by a structural engineer; c) electrical and plumbing up to code; d) sewer tap or septc system design; e) electrical service; f) building permits for the move and the new location; and g) fees upon fees.

They make it sound easy by saying “they’re only a dollar.”