TSA Threatens Bloggers for Posting New Screening Rules

SixDegrees12/31/2009 12:27:11 pm PST

As I pointed out yesterday, it doesn’t matter whether the material was classified or not - the United States does NOT have anything like an Official Secrets Act making possession or dissemination of classified documents illegal. Classified material is controlled through contracts with the specific individuals who are read on to classified programs, and it is violation of that contract that will land you in Leavenworth. Unless these bloggers worked for the TSA and had signed such an agreement, the did nothing illegal by publishing the material. Period. End of story.

“Outrageous” doesn’t even begin to describe this behavior on the part of the TSA. It is completely illegal, over the top intimidation, and these bloggers should now have a nice, juicy lawsuit against the TSA warming on the front burner.

It also underlines the sheer incompetence of the TSA who, charged with security and law enforcement, is either too stupid to understand the laws that apply to itself or so arrogant that they feel breaking the law is acceptable.

The proper response to the empty threats slung around by these thugs would have been, “Bring it. Let’s see your search warrant, let’s see you get me fired. Now, get the fuck off my property.”

Add these morons to the growing list of idiots who need to be summarily fired from the nation’s security agencies.