Open Letter to the Jewish Members of LGF

Buck4/29/2011 9:11:49 am PDT

I would like to ask which part of the 100% of blame for the current mess can be placed on Israel?

I know that this thread has really been a love in, and if that is what you wanted, then fine…. But as a jewish member of LGF, that is what I am curious about. That is one of the two parts that clearly jump out at me.

I mean this isn’t some divorce where you can say it takes two to tangle, and each party has to take 50% responsibility.

Who takes the blame for the Palestinian side? The Pal leadership? Who is/was that? What about the Arab/Muslim nations surrounding Israel? Do they get a percentage of the blame?

If this isn’t about blame, and that is a very nice thing to say…. then who takes responsibility?

You see that is where I find the discussion breaks down. I am curious what you learned about that…..

Maybe you blame the Israeli right wing, that is certainly popular right now….You will find a lot from J Street outlining that…

I am curious if you could expand on that part. I think it makes a difference.