Chicago Anti-Gun Pol's Arrest Shows True Gun Control Hypocrisy, Says Ccrkba

Rightwingconspirator12/07/2012 10:10:05 am PST

re: #70 Charles Johnson

Just wondering if you have any comment about your source’s endorsement of Glenn Beck, or their deranged anti-UN conspiracy theories?

You certainly aren’t helping your case by linking to these nutjobs and their hysterical far right claims.

As for the training issue, maybe you missed it but the law Trotter helped defeat required NO training whatsoever.

I reject his endorsement of Glen Beck. That puts him in the category of hugely wrong on some things. You can say of many people that are right on other things. The hypocrisy is debatable of course. The violation he pointed out is not.

And as far as the source goes, what I did was put in the actual link, rather than a second hand link of what Gottleib said from another news wire or source. My intent there was to present the direct rather than an indirect link. For clarity. Not to rabble rouse. I admit I’m internet tone deaf sometimes. I thought it better to have a direct link. Gotleib can and is wrong in important ways. In his advocacy for a civil right, he is hyperbolic at times but on the right side of the right to possess guns.

Sure if I could roll back a day and present this differently I would.
I should have authored this top to bottom and not leaned on an advocates quote for anything. Point taken.