The Palestinian Authority's Inconvenient Truths

CuriousLurker1/19/2013 5:05:42 pm PST

re: #67 EPR-radar

Any rational person who does some research will find ample grounds to severely criticize Palestinian leadership, the propagandization of the Palestinian and Arab populations etc.


The whole point of this exercise appears to be a reverse ad-hominem. Find some material provided by a questionable source that happens to be true (or close enough to true). Post it, and when the SHTF, claim that the quoted material “is true” as if that is a complete defense. In some cases, the questionable source is praised as having the courage to tell truths nobody wants to hear. The underlying point is to normalize the questionable source and the associated political positions (usually extremist).

I’ll be the first to admit I’m pretty clueless on I/P, but I’ve seen this line of attack before from “race realists” and “immigration realists” in the US, and it stinks just as much for I/P as it does for domestic issues.

THIS. You nailed it.