Overnight Open Thread

aussiemagpie2/04/2009 7:33:46 am PST

Bedtime here, so nightynight {everyone}

Have a wonderful yesterday!

I’ll leave you with this story….

Alleged (he did have pigeons stuffed in his knickers) bird smuggler caught….

AN alleged bird smuggler had his feathers ruffled when airport customs officers seized two live pigeons stuffed into his tights.

The 23-year-old man of Meadow Heights in suburban Melbourne had just landed at Melbourne Airport on Sunday after a flight from Dubai when customs and border control officers stopped him and searched his bags.

They allegedly found in the man’s pocket a multi-vitamin container holding two birds eggs, and a further search revealed he was wearing tights with the two live birds stuffed inside, one in each leg.

Officers also seized a money belt containing plant seeds and undeclared samples of eggplant in the passenger’s baggage before he was handed over to Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services staff.

What, we don’t have enough pigeons in OZ? Or eggplants?