Anthony Weiner Schedules Press Conference to Deal with Latest Accusations

hugh596/06/2011 3:18:10 pm PDT

Weiner did the smart thing today by admitting everything. He is leaving the press no place to go. There may be more of the same out there, but it won’t be newsworthy because he has already admitted to it. Okay, if they find there was a 7th woman, they could say he did not come completely clean…but we will all be too bored with the scandal to care anymore.

Wasn’t there a movie of a Tom Clancy book where the hero, Jack Ryan, tells the president to admit to the worst possible interpretation of an embarrassing situation in order to kill the story? I think it was CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. “If they ask if the man was a friend, say that he was ‘a life long friend.’ Leave them no place to go.”