Video: Seth Meyers on Trump's FBI Speech, the GOP Tax Plan and Bob Corker's Stunning Hypocrisy

Anymouse 🌹🎃12/18/2017 10:38:55 pm PST

re: #63 Decatur Deb

It’s midnight Monday and the country is going to shit. Make a concrete plan to do something by Wednesday that will start to reverse that.

We’re looking to move pebbles, here, not boulders. Lots of pebbles.

Hi, y’all.

I see it’s Monday at LGF: The weekly doom-and-gloom “there’s nothing that can be done” with the same people who have been around all my life… .

If we’re going to break up the country because everyone wants to hate on red states, you wanna airlift me out first?

In this state anyway, ranchers and farmers are lining up behind Democratic messaging about NAFTA, because that treaty allows them to make a great deal of money. Isolationism would destroy them and they know it.

A message in Los Angeles is not going to work for a rancher in Nebraska. Part of what makes a national party national is the ability to tailor messages to differing areas of the country. The Democrats are trying their hardest here, while so far I haven’t heard anything but the same grievance politics from Republicans.

It helps we’re running a huge pile of candidates here as well, with a whole bunch of women stepping up to the plate to run, and a couple GOP officials abandoning the party for the Libertarians.