So Today, Trump Edited His Prepared Notes to Make Them More Racist

lawhawk3/19/2020 1:29:16 pm PDT

I love that legal twitter has suddenly turned into public health twitter and all the bots are now suddenly public health experts who know that France is testing antimalarials against covid19 and those studies are promising.

I work with numbers. Math is part of my job. I know basic statistics and logic and reasoning. We have a math problem to solve for (to prevent).

With set number of beds, how long before you have a pandemic that overwhelms those beds and mortality climbs. How do you minimize the body count. Everything Trump’s done has ceded time and not mobilized the powers of the government to act.

The single most important thing to do is aggressively test, and we lost six weeks of time.

Now, Cuomo is warning that by end of next month, it’ll overwhelm the state, even with the measures now in place. That’s just NY.

Other states will follow, and many of those haven’t been as aggressive in shutting things down. Florida and Texas in particular.