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HoosierHoops5/15/2011 7:16:33 pm PDT

re: #55 Aceofwhat?

Eh. Generally i hear people railing at athletes for ‘chasing the money’. Then a group of friends decide to sacrifice some money to play together and people are pissed that he’s ‘chasing the ring’. Can’t please ‘em all.

And didn’t he schedule the primetime special so that he could donate the proceeds to the boys and girls club? What a terrible human being…

My Friend..
There has never been a free agent in the history of the world that humiliated his City, Fans or Team like James did.
He showed no class at all and I don’t care how much money he gives to Charity..He is one one of the most despised Athlete in the world right now..Except for South beach..
/This is fun Ace