The Palestinian Authority's Inconvenient Truths

Buck1/19/2013 5:39:32 pm PST

re: #66 Obdicut

With difficulty, I can find some that brush near 9/11 trutherism.

It really is that simple. You can’t say that a site put out both sides of the the 9/11 trutherism but isn’t publishing the truther side.

This isn’t about being fair to the truther side of the discussion.

Alternet makes a purpose decision to, as you put it, “brush near 9/11 trutherism”.

This is where you get to say, “well I don’t judge that as truther”.

Well the Robert Fisk article was truther.

Sander Hicks, one of the prominent voices within the movement and author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up wrote a few articles like this:

If you want to say that only brushes near trutherism, or that the people at Alternet didn’t associate with the author (Actually Joshua Holland is a close friend of Sander Hicks), well then obviously I can’t make you see it my way.