Kentucky T-Shirts for Sale: 'Yup, I'm A Racist'

goddamnedfrank7/04/2010 9:15:36 pm PDT

re: #722 iceweasel

Yes, that’s why I mentioned the Talmud/Torah distinction above— the obvious one that random Christian antisemites will appeal to. They ‘love’ the Torah only because it’s also the first five books of the OT, and they seek to appropriate those books (steal them) from ‘Jewish influence’. (This isn’t just the CI people by the way)

That sort of fake Christian person will still loathe the Talmud because it isn’t part of the Christian mythos. Can’t be made judenrein, so it’s better for them (in their world) to just purge it. And of course what they want to purge is Jewish people themselves, don’t forget.

Thank you, yes. It’s a form of supersessionism, also heavily emphasized by the Dominionists, who like to talk about Israel from both sides of their mouth.

“And yet every Sunday, I turn on the television set, and there’s a priest or a pastor, reading, from my book. And interpreting it, and their interpretations, I have to tell you, are usually wrong. It’s not their fault, just it’s not their book. You never see a Rabbi on TV interpreting the New Testament, do you.”

-Lewis Black