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Dr Lizardo7/11/2019 5:07:09 am PDT

Looks like the Germans aren’t fucking around with the Identitarian Movement anymore.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) classified the Identitarian Movement as an extreme right-wing group on Thursday, a sign that authorities are increasingly worried about radicals with anti-Islamic and racist views.

The murder last month of a prominent regional politician by a suspected neo-Nazi shook Germans and prompted the interior minister to warn that right-wing extremism was a threat to Germany’s democratic system.

The Identitarian Movement has not been directly linked to the killing, but the intelligence agency said the group discriminated against non-Europeans and Muslims and as such was incompatible with the constitution.

The official classification makes it easier for the agency to monitor the group’s activities and members - of which it says there are 600 in Germany. The movement, with French roots, has been under scrutiny for about three years.