John Oliver Takes a Good Look at Whacked Out Far Right Propaganda Network OAN [VIDEO]

Renaissance_Man4/06/2020 12:55:50 pm PDT

re: #69 goddamnedfrank

You don’t put someone in an ICU without a very good reason because just being in an ICU is goddamned fucking stressful in and of itself. Mother fuckers constantly coming in and disturbing you, damn near impossible to get any real sleep. You don’t get there unless your shit is already rickety af.

Maybe in the current climate, but overall that’s not necessarily so. People go to ICUs all the time that don’t need it, especially a surgical ICU, where they might be observed overnight after a long case to ensure that they don’t have a problem. Right now ICU beds are at a premium, but in better times ICUs are often used for someone who you want to be looked at more frequently than every 4-8 hours or so, just in case, because a standard nursing floor doesn’t have the staff to check more often than that. Most of them do fine.