Colbert: Donald Trump Really Is America's Racist Uncle, Administration Sources Confirm

Dangerman9/24/2020 12:15:00 pm PDT

re: #65 🌹UOJB!

And this is spreading all over the Reich Wing BULLSHIT-0-SPHERE

Relatives gloating that Hillary, Bill & Chelsea are going to be indicted and the Clinton Foundation will be put out of business…

never happen (not obama or biden either)

If the DOJ had the goods on any of these folks, they would already have moved forward. We can therefore conclude that there’s nothing legitimate (or semi-legitimate) to charge them with.

Charging them with Trumped-up charges would look like the dirty political trick it would be, and would enrage Democrats and many non-Democrats. Meanwhile, the moment the case made it to a judge, the judge would kick it for lacking foundation. And then Barr and his cronies would be civilly sued for malicious prosecution. This would also be an impeachable offense.

further, the foundation has a board of directors. 2 of 9 are clintons. hillary isnt on the board. and there’s a substantial management team.

unless something specific really did exist fundamental to the foundation itself, booting out two board members, even ones who abused the foundation in some way, would not threaten the foundation’s existence.

this is not merely lunacy. it’s ignorant idiocy
(not you…the believers)