Video: FAIR President Addresses Racism Accusations

Mad Prophet Ludwig4/29/2010 9:21:36 pm PDT

re: #47 swamprat

”Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”.

I full well expect some moron to defend FAIR.

Fjordman(s), of the world, we are waiting.
Please tell us how we have to accept this vile garbage in order to save…our race, or America, or the so-called white culture (tuna salad sandwiches on mushy cotton?) Or whatever half-assed justification you think is acceptable for America to give up everthing she stands for, so that you can assage your lack of self worth by telling yourself that your racial background makes you better than other people rather than actually demonstrating it by doing something worthwhile.

And no, I did not watch the video. I have heard this song before, and it is disgusting.

Indeed - though the original German lyrics have a sort of growl to them that makes them more easy for many to recognize.