Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The New Flavor of the GOP

ShaunP8/10/2010 12:00:42 pm PDT

re: #55 captdiggs

I also noticed the sound of crickets chirping in response to that article.
I guess it’s hard to call her an anti-muslim bigot, considering she is a muslim and has serious credentials in interfaith relations.

Broken down to it’s simplest form, the argument over the mosque is that we shouldn’t allow the people that destroyed the WTC build in the general vicinity. Considering the varied nature of Islam, that is a flawed argument. To say that the people building this mosque had anything to do with 9/11 is flat out wrong.

IMO, opposition is coming in three forms: 1) there are people that honestly don’t see that the argument is bigoted at its base (likely most), 2) bigots pushing the agenda (Geller/Spencer) and 3) people who see that the mosque itself isn’t an issue, but feel that in order to keep the bigots in their little hidey holes, it’s bad for muslim relations (IMO, that is Raza’s segment)…