Chicago Anti-Gun Pol's Arrest Shows True Gun Control Hypocrisy, Says Ccrkba

Charles Johnson12/07/2012 2:50:02 pm PST

OK, I went looking for more info on Donne Trotter’s record on gun legislation, and it wasn’t easy because of the unbelievable deluge of right wing bullshit. Hundreds and hundreds of posts about how Trotter is a “hypocrite” for having that unloaded gun in his bag.

Several pages into the Google search results I did find something interesting that shows how dishonest this hit campaign on Trotter really is: Capitol - Your Illinois News Radar Sen. Trotter arrested for trying to take gun on plane

If you scroll up to the full post, you’ll see that the comment I’m quoting here is from a local NRA representative:

Sen. Trotter is now facing a felony charge for making a mistake. I would bet that he had the gun with him at another event, packed his bag and with 1000 things running through his mind forgot about it.

The fact is that This is where Anita Alverez is incompetent at running her office. She is goign to have a sitting state senator, with no record (that I know of) sitting in the can overnight to wait for a bond hearing.

Just goes to show that they should be able to look at cases and say, hey I bond this one out, no record, FOID card etc etc etc. But Anita and her anti gun minnions can’t get past the fact that people own guns and some people carry them.

It was a mistake, and the question is should he have is life ruined for a mistake?

Senator Trotter has had a mixed record on guns but with his new district that stretches down into Kankakee, he has kept an open mind.

I think the Sun times article is a hit piece devoid of context and taken from 1995. It’s 2012/13 I’m sure nobody ever changes their minds…

That’s right, folks. An NRA official is defending Trotter and saying he has a “mixed record on guns.”

He’s pretty freaking far away from being a rabid “gun-grabbing Dem,” in other words.