Seth Meyers: Trump Says Mueller Shouldn't Testify, as Cohen Goes to Prison [VIDEO]

Targetpractice5/07/2019 6:09:50 am PDT

re: #73 sagehen

What do mean “not starting those hearings”?

Mueller is next week. McGahn they’ve subpoenaed, Trump wants to forbid it, but ultimately it’ll be McGahn’s decision. The tax returns question will go to the courts, and that can slow things down, but the law is clear.

Nancy is being methodical. She’ll get there.

“Methodical” means slow, it means safe, it means getting lost in the noise that the White House pumps out on a daily basis. And it means working on the White House’s schedule, as every court challenge and every foot-dragging measure eats up time between now and next November. The DNC just won big last November on the promise to hold him accountable, not spend 2 years making the case for why voters should be the ones to pull the trigger.