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A couple months ago, Dreher claimed he would have fought on the side of the Nazis in the Spanish Civil War…

I have no freaking clue why the NYT or any other respectable venue gives space to this freak.

A friend of my daughter who teaches at Texas Tech had a student who blamed the Spanish-American War on “communist aggression.”

The twist is that we were the commies.

His reasoning (if we may call it that) was that the Cuban rebels were, of course, socialists resisting the God-ordained authority of the Spanish monarchy. Like all media overlords, Pulitzer and Hearst were also closet socialists as was Teddy Roosevelt. TR demonstrated this later when he became the first president to “interfere with business,” (with the Pure Food and Drug Act and his anti-trust activities.) When the time was right these conspirators arranged for the liberal agitator John “Black Jack” Pershing (known for his affinity for people of color) to dynamite the Maine in Havana, thereby inciting another war to advance the red flag of communism, which it eventually did.

I wish I were making this up. I was astounded at the pure audacity of this fabrication, but learned later that it is a fairly common view among Birchers.