In Which Donald Refuses to Say He'll Step Down Peacefully if He Loses

TedStriker9/23/2020 5:22:27 pm PDT

re: #66 Quoth the raven, Covfefe.

Hitler’s call for a halt during the push to the Channel in 1940 was based on his panic that the tanks were outrunning their supply lines; he wanted them to consolidate, lest the mighty French First Army and the BEF to their north coordinate an assault with the remaining forces in the south to cut them off and destroy them.

Well, that and Hitler and Goring wanted to have total control of British airspace before launching Operation Sealion to able to drop paratroops and to allow for ground attack support; once the RAF won the Battle of Britain with the help of Chain Home, Operation Sealion disappeared like a fart in the wind.