Jim Hoft: Internet's Dimmest Bulb?

joest739/22/2010 4:07:58 pm PDT

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It can’t be corrected until someone prominent on the right takes a firm reasonable stand against Fox and the rest of the right wing media and garners more conservative support than Fox and Limbaugh. In other words, it can’t be corrected. There isn’t any way for the right to reign it back in.

I mean, imagine a scenario that would allow for a reasonable moderate conservative leader to emerge, gain national prominence, and drive the message back out of crazyland and into the mainstream. Such a thing couldn’t be done without directly taking on Fox, Limbaugh, Palin, etc, and taking them on means you are inviting a 24/7 smear campaign directed to the very audience you might hope to reach.

There is no way home from this for the right, except off a cliff. They have no choice but to continually ratchet up the crazy until it explodes.

Yet…. with all of this….the Democrats are going to get trounced in November. The same thing happened to the Republicans in 2006. It took the Republicans six years to completely turn off the majority of the country. The democrats will manage this feat in two short years.
The cycle continues……