Overnight Open Thread

Walter L. Newton2/18/2010 9:34:09 am PST

re: #745 albusteve

your sob story is getting ridiculous…I doubt you’ve seen hard times like some of us…I have had to pack up and move to another state three times in my life…it won’t kill you, unless you’re addicted to NYC and your wannabe lifestyle…take it somewhere else or buck up

I’m am making 9 dollars an hour at a thrift store, hauling used furniture, after spending 5 years trying to stay in my 25 year career, computer programming. You don’t see me whining or claiming I was forced to take the thrift store job. I was making 82 thousand a year five years ago.

No one forced me to do anything, I did what was necessary and feel extreamely good about it.

Dr. Cordell, too bad, so sad, and really don’t feel once ounce sorry for you.