George W. Bush: No Longer the Decider

The Spite House8/17/2010 10:30:17 pm PDT

re: #746 palomino

I’m biased, since I’ve loved Pryor ever since I heard his early albums as a young child. I shouldn’t have been listening to such material as “Bicentennial Ni**er” as a 6-year old, but I had mischievous older brothers who played it for me.

Pryor had already had acting success in Lady Sings the Blues two years before BS. Hard to imagine BS being a better film, but Pryor’s anarchic high-strung insanity might have done the trick. I guess my point is that no one will ever accuse Cleavon Little of being a comic genius.

Nor Leslie Nielsen, but that was the whole point of his casting in Airplane! For Pryor to have played Bart I think it would have to have been written much differently.

And… are we really discussing how Blazing Saddles should have been better?!?