Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

retief_995/20/2009 3:32:07 am PDT

re: #748 Sharmuta

I don’t recall saying I supported either evolution or creationism. I simply stated that I needed more proof that Ida was indeed the missing link. The presumption was apparently made after just a few weeks of study, most of her life after discovery was spent in a private collection as a curio with no scientific study at all. The accepted theory for years has been that man and apes descended from unique creature that was neither man nor ape and somewhere along the millinea we split into the two paths. It took almost 75 years for scientists to figure out they had put the wrong head on a brontosaurus skeleton, so lets do a little more research before we make such statements that this is the discovery of the century, or this creature is the forebear of both man and ape.