Why I Parted Ways With The Right

Walter L. Newton11/30/2009 9:30:40 pm PST

re: #752 iceweasel

All due respect, but quite a few people on the right side of the blogosphere ought to have thought about that BEFORE they decided to throw support to robert stacy mccain (of ALL people) and tacitly endorse many vicious attacks on Charles and LGF— when not actively participating in such attacks themselves or haughtily delinking LGF or kicking Charles out of the Conservative Blog Ads network and so forth.

Screw those people, seriously. This post is a long needed wakeup call and corrective to the lunacy being propagated all over the right side of the blogosphere now.

Does that mean that this blog is now officially a liberal blog? Because if it is… I am certainly going to have to stick around just to rattle some cages.

You all had a chance of getting rid of me, but you blew it. :)