Huckabee Leads in 2012 Poll

drcordell10/23/2009 1:14:52 pm PDT

re: #73 WindUpBird

How about this: Huckabee isn’t a loon, but some of his ideas (like the fairtax) are either laughable or terrifying, depending on my mood.

What’s weird is, of all the R candidates running against Obama in 2008, I rather liked Huckabee, because he seemed to acknowledge class issues, coming from little money himself. Then the Club for Growth people dismantled him, and that was that. But if he’s serious about all this goofy flat-tax stuff and his theocracy rumblings, yikes!

(Though I suspect the change-the-constitution noises are hollow, will never happen, and is just about manipulating the religious right.)

Huckabee was semi-rational once upon a time, before he got dismantled in 2008. Now he has edged hard right and dialed up the theocrat rhetoric all the way to 11 because he knows it’s his only way to win.