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darthstar12/03/2009 12:32:25 pm PST

re: #62 MandyManners

The only person I’ve seen use “Xian” and the like was a flaming asshole who happened to be rabidly anti-Christian on a military board years ago.

Me, I’m a recovering catholic. Catholic grade school, then a Baptist high school for a year before going to public high. The baptists cured me of my faith, but I don’t hold the faith of others against them. I wrote an extensive diary about it at dKos a week or so back

Feel free to read it if you like. Personally, I think god is a metaphor for the self. That’s not to discount your or anyone else’s beliefs…it’s just mine.

Incidentally, as you’re obviously a devout Christian, what exactly is the meaning of the icon you use by your name?