Newt Gingrich's Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theories

theheat1/25/2012 9:51:56 pm PST

I just had a discussion today about all the rabid statements made against minorities, people of certain ethnic groups, and Muslims, made by the current GOP candidates. I get the feeling, still, that any of these flaming assholes will still be preferable to Obama, and it really doesn’t matter which one.

To vote for politicians who actively defame, humiliate, and marginalize entire groups of people, to me, is the same as saying you condone it. Maybe you didn’t outright agree with it, but you’ll give it a pass because the bigger goal is to unseat the current POTUS.

In the broad brush category, I don’t really make distinctions in groups like multiple murders. I’d say they all suck. Wife beaters as a group, I’m comfortable with the broad brush of they suck. Pedophiles, broad brush applies. Terrorists, rapists, broad brush applies. Fuck the lot of ‘em.

There’s a saying, “A good horse is never a bad color.” And by the same token, a good person is never a bad color, or a bad religion. To look the other way while these pandering jackasses make such ignorant and hateful statements about groups of people - people who you know as your friends, family, coworkers - is to really spit in the face of good and decent people everywhere. It’s not just shameful, it’s immoral.