Overnight Open Thread

Walter L. Newton2/18/2010 9:43:14 am PST

re: #764 thedopefishlives

I left my home city to find a job in my chosen career after I got exploited (in a different way) by my previous employers. I get reminded of my outcast status every time I drive or fly back to fish country. I’m the “bad son” who couldn’t stay home, apparently… Except I’m doing what I love, with the lady I love, and it’s the price I chose to pay to get both.

Yea, but the fact remains, you LEFT, you made the choice, no one forced you to stay, you managed to do what you needed to do and you’re not whining about those decisions.

Even if it all came out 100 percent bad, you own up to the fact that you took control, had control and retain control, and you don’t get on blogs and cry over it.