Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

Salamantis5/20/2009 3:50:43 am PDT

re: #588 pimp_conservative

I think this fossil find is absolutely fantastic, but in the grand scheme of things it just doesn’t matter. We are here now, we have problems now that make this stupid creationist/intelligent design “debate” pale in significance. Tomorrow, no one will care about this fossil other than a bunch of pencil necked geeks and the anti-religion crowd, but while you all revel in a long dead animal, the rest of the world is suffering from a malicious disease called Islamic fascism, our country spirals towards socialist fascism while the economy and livelihood of millions flushes down the toilet. This fossil just doesn’t matter. Creationism just doesn’t matter. We have bigger problems facing us.

A thousand years from now, this fossil will be in biology textbooks if the human race survives. It all matters, and there is room for it all on this blog.

And I have my degree, and have served in the US military and studied martial arts. Call me a pencil-necked geek to my face and I’ll rip off your fucking head and shit down your windpipe.