New From Seth Meyers: Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)5/01/2019 9:35:31 pm PDT

re: #74 ckkatz


One never knows whether a sudden change of heart of an attention seeking troll is sincere or just an updated grifting strategy.

Based upon the ones I knew back in the 1970’s, quite a few of the neo-Nazis have lots of problems (social, personal, mental and/or physical). And more than a few are borderline functional.

I guess that I have some sympathy for her at the generic level of all who share the human condition. And I hope that she is sincere in her change. I am grateful that the neo-Nazi noise machine is at least a bit quieter with her (reported) exit.

It really is hard to tell. I want to hope she’s sincere but I have nothing to trust her either. I’m more saddened than angry by their existence. Sad that people who had similar curriculum in school to me seemed to learn nothing. I grew up learning about things like the Holocaust and Jim Crow. I literally cried at Auschwitz this past summer. I usually am reluctant to show emotion around strangers. But I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m rambling but how McHugh and her former allies seem to want to replicate the same policies that led to world war and genocide. This nationalism isn’t this great, misunderstood thing. It’s awful.