The Bob Cesca Podcast: Tennis Hose of Fireballs - Extra: Interview With Dr. Mary Trump

TarHellion9/17/2020 6:52:54 pm PDT

re: #70 stpaulbear

In a low-inflation environment who cares about the debt? it’s not like we are looking at rampant inflation due to organic or immigration growth. Yes, the number is high. But the U.S. can print as much money as it needs. We could have “cured” the debt back in 2001, but GWB decided to go for big tax cuts. And FFVCS did the same. The Fascists have ceded any and all “concern” about the debt. We will not run out of money. The only threat is if our “money” is ever devalued in the world market. Perhaps under FFVCS. Not under Biden.