Anthony Weiner Schedules Press Conference to Deal with Latest Accusations

Decatur Deb6/06/2011 3:51:59 pm PDT

re: #773 Buck

I might consider cutting down on the coffee intake… way down.

Nah—that’s kind of bland. Here’s a snark master I just captured from another blog’s comments on James Carville:


America, I’m scared of this radical islamo fascist Manchurian socialist that’s commandeered the White House. Who is this Barack Hussein Obama foreigner and what’s he stand for besides income redistribution, George Soros, and tantra sex? Who knows when B. Hussein Obama is gonna unleash his legion of militant lesbian transvestites upon us? When it happens we’re all gonna be doing the downward dog in bondage straps while Janet Reno and her goons are nibblin’ foie gras off our bare derrieres! America, I’m scared that the Mexican narcos and Arizonan she-males are in cahoots with the ChiComms to annex the American southwest and turn it into a land of menopause, Roman Polanskis and labradoodles. Before you know it, we’re all gonna be hablando mexicano, eatin’ piatas and worshippin’ cinco de mayo! Comprende amigos?
I’m scared that B. Hussein Obama and his Keynesian comrades – Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao and Jane Fonda, want to impose an illegal alien hot gay porn abortion ideology on us. Step one – his army of angry butch feminist trial lawyers mandates that all non-homosexual males sleep with Jeff Striker blow up dolls! Step two – castrating all of us not thereafter converted to anal beads, San Francisco bathhouses, and Barney Frank! America, I’m scared that the only chance we’ve got, Sarah Palin, is being demonized by the left wing media elites. They hate her ’cause she’s for truth, ammo, t.v. and cheez-its. Sarah’s the only thing standing between us and the libs theology of tofu burgers, bare backin’ on the down low and welfare queens.!
America, I’m scared that we’re on the road to Obamastan where there’s no room for Jesus, only Kwanzaa, Ramadan, MSNBC, and pre-op trannys. These lib constitution haters won’t stop until their new world order of diplomacy, sudoku and hermaphrodites has turned us into a nation of chardonnay sippin’ castrati! It’s time to stand up America! It’s time to stand up to their global warmin‘, Fire Island and hippies! It’s not too late to avoid a future of Kabbalah, gender identity studies and suckling’ organic soy milk from Al Gore’s breasts!