Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

What, me worry?7/23/2011 8:48:00 pm PDT

re: #762 Thanos

Every single slide and fact in that guy’s video I’ve already seen in other form and other words, and sometimes the same ones on the Eurfascist axis blogs (Jihadwatch, Atlas, GOV, Brussels journal, etc. etc.) The agitprop the child murdering terrorist justified his actions by was created by those hate bloggers. They created this monster, spoon feeding it bit by bit.

I was thinking the same thing. It could happily fit on every anti-jihad blog out there.

The one thing its lacking is mention of Israel. But I don’t see that as any kind of pro-Israel stand. There’s nothing pro OR con. It’s very specifically about Europe. They’re really white supremacists, but different than we see it in the states.