Sell Your Guitar: Luca Stricagnoli Does Eminem: "Without Me"

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)2/09/2020 3:57:39 am PST

re: #77 Patricia Kayden

President Obama was a wonderful leader so I’m good with a White version. That’s not an insult in my opinion.

Yeah I don’t get why Obama is perceived as a failure by parts of the left. Let’s see. ACA, Lily Ledbetter, the successful Abbbottbad raid, doing more than any president on lgbt rights, restoring our image abroad, the Iran deal, Paris Climate, Pacific Trade, two great scotus picks, etc. If Pete were to accomplish half of that, I’d be thrilled. People who feel Obama let them down tbh really I think actually bought the right wing bs about Obama being an out of touch radical.