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Decatur Deb9/26/2020 2:06:41 pm PDT

re: #68 Jay C

We do things in a much more civilized way up here in Gotham: when I mailed Mrs. Jay’s absentee ballot today, I noticed that the City had finally - after years of providing awkward outsize forms - gone to a smaller ballot that folds up into a standard envelope, and only requires a single first-class stamp. Progress and Democracy going hand in hand….

To be fair, you can walk to the courthouse yourself, go through the Frisk-o-Matic (No Handbags or Pocket Knives), and go to the elections office with your photo ID and fill out an application which they will hand you, then you hand it back, and they give you the ballot, which you fill out and hand back, which they notarize and put in the box, and give you a little ‘I voted” sticky. We sued to get drop boxes, but that might make it easy on the serfs. I did mine as described above a week ago: “In-person Absentee”. It was almost as though I wasn’t there.