Open Letter to the Jewish Members of LGF

shutdown4/29/2011 10:24:13 am PDT

I am going to avoid turning my response into a commentary on Middle East politics or religious philosophy. Your letter here touched me as having been written by that most elusive of creatures: the open minded, kind-hearted, intellectually honest citizen of the world. I overcame my own early suspicions as to your motives and feelings and decided in my exchanges with you that if you were willing to take risks, then, well, so would I. I have learned from you, and I thank you for being willing to expose yourself to the sniping and hurtfulness that is too frequently the fallout of blog discussions, even in a “community” such as LGF.

I like to think that if we met in person, you would deign to become my friend. I know I would like you a lot. Here is hoping that you regain the necessary perspective to come back, and the necessary strength to take the inevitable pain. The world would be a better place for more people like you.